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Services By Design is committed to providing Excellent Service that enhances the image of the commercial building.


Repaired Where It Sits!

Restoration is performed on location addressing the problems associated with your furniture’s heavy use. Restored items are ready for use in hours, not weeks.


Extends Life of Furnishings

The fresh new finish applied exceeds durability tests of typical factory lacquer finishes.


Services By Design’s pricing package is prepared to meet today’s budgets. For the price of replacing one piece of furniture, many pieces of furniture can be repaired to like-new condition.


Image Maintenance Made Simple

Services By Design makes your job easy when it comes to maintaining a high profile image. Quality and efficiency are characteristics of our services that help your company present its best.


Quality Control

The high priority that Services By Design gives Quality Control ensures expert workmanship that produces virtually undetectable repairs.


Comprehensive Training

Services By Design representative are graduates of a comprehensive training program in furniture restoration and stay up to date on the latest advancements.


Our Commitment

Services By Design is committed to earning a relationship that makes us your company’s repair firm of choice. Restoration Refinishing Service, Quality Control, Consistency/Reliability and Insurance are all parts of the comprehensive package that Services By Design offers.

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