[slideshow id=5]Using modern day equipment with age old techniques, Services By Design can rejuvenate your valuable furnishings and décor to what it once was.  Our highly trained technicians have the ability to remove the eye soars that come about from age and use, nearly removing scuffs, gouges, water rings, and dents. SBD INC. provides not only furniture repair and restoration but several other services including but not limited to custom cabinet work, color changes, kitchen cabinets, upholstery,base/crown molding installed.


Repair Services: Services By Design representatives use patented tools and proprietary methods to perform the following services.


Restoration Refinishing: Restoration Refinishing is performed on site addressing the problems associated with your furnitures heavy use. Services By Design uses water-based products to help meet the building safety codes and make it possible to complete repairs quickly with little or not interruption to the work day.

This service includes restoration of nicks, scratches, flaking and peeling finishes. The furnishing is then protected from future damage with a coat of fresh, new finish. The fresh new finish exceeds durability tests of typical factory lacquer finishes, adding many more years of use to the piece.

Services By Design representatives use advanced technology to eliminate most odors when performing this service.


Color Change: In addition to restoration refinishing, an on-site color change can be mad eto many furnishings to customer’s preference!


Super Fill: This is a repair procedure for more aggressive damages such as gouges and larger scratches in isolated areas.


Precision Repairs: Similar to a Super Fill, this is used for smaller scratches, marks, scrapes, and dents. Typically the void is filled, colored, sealed and finished.


Chemical/Water Repair: This process includes removing water/chemical damage i.e. ink, water stains, fingernail polish etc…Most times the furniture will need a new topcoat, which will be determined at the time of inspection.

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